Here is a first go at. Please all stayed posted as to what is going on as we are going to need the whole village again on this one. Also, when I write leaving time that is the time I want to leave, so please come 10-15 minutes before that to pack up your bike. That is all you should have to do when you arrive: pack your bike. You should have everything else done before you arrive.


Friday is the Time trial. I want all riders at Old Tucson Studios 2 hours before their start time. At the parking lot, at our tents two hours before their start. This gives them enough time to warm up with no stress or rushing.


Daniela, Lizzy, Lauren, and Jade will need to leave the clubhouse first at 9:30am to be there by 10am. Daniela will drive the Mini van and will bring out the tents, water and a bunch of trainers.


All riders racing in Junior categories are to leave next at 11:30am. Chloe, Emily, Tyler, Kyle, Connor, Ben, Keenan, Nick, Cameron, Santa Cruz, Daniel, Matthews, Jesse. Nippy I am hoping that you could drive the team van at this time to get the kids there by noon. You will need to pack the bikes on the trailer. Also, we will need one more parent to drive at this time. More parents are welcome to help load up bikes and get riders out there and warmed up if possible.


Then at 12:30 I, Ignacio, would like to leave with Logan and Donovan. Nippy can I borrow your truck for this?


All racers should have a change of clothes with them so they can be comfortable before and after their races. As well please eat well in the morning and stay hydrated all day. If you need to stay in school longer and can have your parent drive you out, please let us know via the comment section. Also please let me know if you will be going with the team so we can plan best. I will make sure that there is plenty of water and food out at the race for all.


Each group of riders will leave for home after they are done with their TT racing to maximize rest. It is going to be a long weekend!


Saturday Road Race in Green Valley


The parking area for this event is at the intersection of Duval Mine Road and Continental – on Continental.  The feed zone is just up the road on the North side of the street. I am going to want one car in the feed zone area and one in the start line staging area on Continental. We will need help with that in the Second Wave only.

Women cat 4, Juniors in the 15-16 age group and 13-14 age group are going to need to be at the start one hour early at the latest. Which mean I want you there at 6:10am which means leaving town at 5:15am. Daniela will drive the team van at this time, but will need some driving help to get everyone there. (You will not all fit!) This first wave is EARLY in the morning so please dress accordingly with extra clothes to change into for the ride home – it will be chilly in the morning!


Juniors in the 17-18 category, Men 3 and 4 we need to be down there at 8am which means we need to leave at 7am. I will be driving the mini van at this time. Richard will have to drive his car, as well.


We will have some food with us for post-race replenishment – but please feel free to contribute to that!


Circuit Race on Sunday


All racers will ride to the start from the clubhouse as a great warm up for the event. I will have some one (Colin?) drive the van up though at 6am to put up the tents and such.


Women Cat 4 will leave the clubhouse at 5:45am.


Men 4, and all juniors need to leave the clubhouse at 7:45 am.


After the racing on Sunday, we will most likely need to stick around for awards. Here is where that village of people comes in, again! Riders – you should plan ahead with a change of clothes in a bag that a parent or someone else can take up for you (or ride with backpack to start). Parents – it would be great to have some food and cold drinks to enjoy. We will have the tents and chairs up there. And we will have an El Grupo info table near the start/finish line since we are beneficiaries of this event – Monique and Colin can help with it, but it would be great to have others help out as needed, as well.


Digest all of this and then let us know what your questions are! Thanks everyone!


11 Responses to “TBC Logisitics”

  1. kathleendreier

    I am happy to drive on Friday with the 1130am gang if you need me. I can take 4 riders and 1 or 2 bikes…I will probably take my bike to get to/from the start of the TT more easily.

    I can also help with the early crew on Sat. morning if you need me and if someone can pick up Logan….just let me know.

  2. papaharris

    Ignacio, Nick is planing on going out with the team at at 11:30am on Friday,Which happens to also be his birthday!
    I am able and willing to drive Saturday at “o dark thirty”, and can carry four bikes and SIX extra passengers and baggage.
    Let me know as well. Thanks for all you are doing.

  3. tylers mom aka rane

    Jim is picking Tyler up at school at 11:30 (has to stay for a mat
    h test) and then they are headed to Old Tucson, so he won’t need a ride in the van.

  4. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I rode from the parking area to the start line today. It is 1.7 miles and it took me going 15 MPH 7 minutes to get from the parking area to the start line.

    SO every race should plan leaving the parking/warm up area at LEAST 10 minutes before you start time. 12 to 15 minutes would be also ok.

    Write you time and Race number on your left forearm so that you will not have to be asking what it is.

    When you get to the start go to where you can see how the starter is counting down the riders and how the holder is holding the riders. IS the holder just letting go of the rider or is the holder giving a little push? DOES the start at 10 second to count down or at 5 seconds? Does he say GO or 3..2..1..then nothing?

    WHEN you get to the start area check in with the person calling the number and lining up the racers.


  5. C-Coach-sweep guy

    I will be going out at 6:30AM to stake out a big area for the tents and cars. Chloe may need to be picked up at school at 10:10 AM or at 11:15 AM.


  6. TBC Steve

    EG parents and friends:

    I know this is a big weekend for EG team, coaches, riders and parents, but he TBC is still looking for some neutral support drivers and wheel slingers on Sat and Sunday, corner marshals, etc. If you are not committed to helping EG this weekend and want to earn a really cool T-shirt, please contact our volunteer coordinator Sue @ ASAP
    (520) 591-3170 or email her at:


    Steve, TBC Promoter/Founder and Shameless cheerleader!

  7. adkisson

    Friday, I can take 3 riders plus Connor out to race site and back to the Club House. I am scheduled to work til 5 so won’t be going back til late tho. I’ll have the truck so can haul some bikes as well.
    Saturday, I can drive 5 riders plus Connor out to the race. No room for bikes.- Mary

  8. daniela

    Thanks Steve. Yes TBC still needs help. If anyone can drive a wheel car on Sunday that would be great. Thanks everyone for your stated help so far, but if possible if we could get a few to drive that would be great.

  9. TBC Steve

    Thanks Daniela:

    Most of the junior fields currently DO NOT have support car-hoping some parents can help out-it is painless and fun, best view of the race! Drivers follow the main pack during the race, carrying spare wheels and hopefully a wheel “slinger” to help hand over wheels when a rider flats.

  10. keenan

    I will be at the clubhouse at 11:20, ready to go.
    Also, Ignacio, you mentioned aero-bars? Are they a NECESSITY? And if so, should I come early tomorrow?


  11. kyle

    for saturday, my mom can help, drive kids, bikes or what ever is needed. you can call or text her, 9065791