PLEASE plan on attending this on Thursday. We will get a chance to talk about El Grupo – as the whole event benefits us – and we will be taking a TEAM PHOTO with the Competitive Cyclist team. All El Grupo youth and coaches who have jerseys (or will get them by Thursday) will put them on over clothes (i.e. with jeans) for the photo. Very, very cool opportunity!


El Grupo will be working the entry table, selling raffle tickets, etc. Minors are welcome with a parent or legal guardian – Ignacio and I count! In other words, unless you are in a big theatrical production, you should plan on attending this event on Thursday from 7pm – 830pm. (It doesn’t end then, but we will be leaving to get to sleep at that time!) The event takes place at “Playground” on Congress & 5th Ave.

You can find more info here or for the facebook event page here.

10 Responses to “Thursday – Competitive Cyclist Event”

  1. daniela

    I would like to ask those who went to Valley and other riders who would like to help work the entry table – it can be 30 minute shifts for 2-3 people each. This way people are getting to see you/El Grupo as they come in. I will be there to set up at 6:30 and could use one or two people to help. Also, when we go up for our group photo we will need a parent to look over the entry table.

  2. kathleendreier

    I will be there with my camera. Gord doesn’t need me to photograph the event as he thinks he has that covered. However, I will photograph El Grupo during the event and the group shot.

  3. jesse

    Ignacio said this starts at 6, and we should be there at 5:30 to help set up. Should I be there at 5:30 or 6:30?

  4. adkisson

    My brother and I are planning on attending with Connor. Let me know if there is something you need me to do to help out.- Mary

  5. kathleendreier

    Online it states the event goes from 7pm-9pm….Do you need folks there as early at 6pm?

  6. daniela

    The event starts at 7pm. Sounds like Jesse, Tyler, and Donovan will help me set up at 6:30pm. All others can fill in with the entry table as needed. Mary-if you could help with it when we go up to do a team photo, that would be great.

  7. kathleendreier

    Daniela….I can have Logan there at 630pm if you want…just let me know.

  8. tylers mom aka rane

    Since I’m bringing Tyler over at 6:30, Ill be available to do whatever, whenever 🙂