If this isn’t on your mind yet, maybe it should be! El Grupo has a huge crew signed up for the race coming up this next weekend, March 2nd-4th, in our own “backyard”. Here are a few things to read up on to prepare yourself.


Race Bible


Official TBC Website


And finally, DO PLAN ON MISSING some SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!! The actual TT start times will not be posted until later this week, unfortunately. However, projected times show that all Women (including Lizzy & Jade) go first at 12 NOON, and that all Juniors go +/- 1:30pm. Cat 4 is wrapped in within a lot of others so could be anywhere from +/- 2:30pm – 5:3opm. If you need to get those morning classes in, you may be able to do that, but stayed tuned this week for more details as they become available.


And finally, finally, if you know your road bicycle needs work of any sort, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make that known to Ignacio &/or Richard ASAP.


Let’s get excited!! And make sure to talk about it at school and tell family and friends to come out to support you, all of El Grupo, and a great local race on Sunday’s Circuit Race out at Pima Community College West on St. Mary’s & Greasewood. We want to support the TBC as much as it supports El Grupo!


Okay, one more thing, speaking of support: TBC could use some help from El Grupo parents/friends and has an online sign up for volunteer opportunities. This could include being a corner marshal or driving a wheel truck, etc. Please check out this link for more info. A great way to see some of the action while helping the race run smoothly. There are plenty of options to choose from!

8 Responses to “Tucson Bicycle Classic almost here!”

  1. TBC Steve

    Thanks for sharing the TBC info, Daniela. If parents/family friends can help with corner marshals, drive support or sling wheels, (esp. for Junior categories on Sat or Sunday, if those positions are not taken yet), please go to this link:

    All volunteers get a cool TBC shirt, tye dye or (2) other colors to select from. Please remember if you are driving support for a category it is for that particular category, not a particular rider!

    I wish everyone who is racing the best of luck in the 26th running of the TBC; we are hoping for 600+ riders total. Currently we have nearly 40 juniors-thanks for your support, El Grupo!

  2. Jade

    I am back in town and excited for this weekend! I think my bike is good but if someone could look it over just to be safe, I would appreciate it. Thank you and see you tomorrow!!!

  3. adkisson

    Steve, the links above took me to an error page. I had to get in thru the TBC link for on-line registration then scrolled down for the link for volunteer info and hit the green colored tab. John and I are signed up for one slot each. John signed up for corner marshal but is willing to go out in his truck for wheel support if he’s needed there more. He just isn’t confident in his knowledge for this position.-Mary

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    FYI- TUSD does not have early release tomorrow (Wed) and I’m not sure how many kids this will affect.

  5. TBC Steve

    Mary-thaks for the heads up-not sure why the link did not work but glad you signed up..we really appreciate you and John helping! The TBC is a huge effort and without volunteers it would not happen.

    For those who want to drive support for the juniors, it’s best to contact the volunteer coordinator Sue Cancutt: tamanawas@gmail.com to request specific categories to support / follow.

  6. kathleendreier

    Rane is right….AIMS testing is today and tomorrow so I know that the high school does not get out til 3pm. Is it possible to have practice start at 430pm?

    Steve, I will photographing everything,of course. But if you really need me in another volunteer capacity, please call me to let me know.

  7. TBC Steve

    Kathleen-no worries, do what you do best (other than spread good vibes!), take some amazing shots. Scott will be shooting too.