There will be more to come, but I want to get some information out.


Time trial Start Times:

Lizzy- 9:50:30

Nathan- 11:20

Gary- 11:49:30

Richard- 12:30:30

Alex- 12:32:30

Donovan 3:02:30

Jesse- 3:04

Logan- 3:27:30

Tyler- 3:58:30

Chloe- 4:01


The Time Trial takes place in super west side Buckeye. It will take 2.5 hours for us to drive there and I want all riders there 2 hours before their start times.

So Lizzy (and Daniela) will be getting a ride there with Melissa Sotelo.

After that my Honda will be leaving at 8am and will be taking Gary, Richard, Alex.

Then the last car the team red van will be leaving at 11am and will be taking Donovan, Logan, Jesse, Tyler, and Chloe.

Kathleen is also going and will be photographing – woohoo!

After each group is done with their TT they will go to the hotel in downtown Phoenix.


Saturday Morning the team red van will depart from the hotel first at 7 am. Gary, Nathan, Lizzy, Logan, Tyler, and Chloe will need to be in this car to make it all work.


Then the Honda containing Richard, Alex, Donovan and Jesse will come to the race arriving to the start at 11am so leaving shortly after 10am from the hotel.


Each group will leave the race course as soon as they are done racing to get back the hotel resting.


The crit then takes place on Sunday morning  in downtown Phoenix very close to our hotel.

Chloe and Tyler go off first at 7;15am and race for 20 minutes.


Logan, Donovan and Jesse are next at 7:40 and race for 30 minutes.


Lizzy at 9:45am and races for 20 minutes.


Gary and Nathan at 11:30am and race for 30 minutes.


Richard and Alex at 12:05 and race for 40min.


So we will not be back into Tucson until sometime after 3pm.


We are going to need some funds from all riders participating to help offset costs. If each could contribute $40 we can at least cover hotel costs. Also, we will not need it right away if this puts hardship on anyone. We want to make it as affordable as we can.


Daniela and I are going to be super coaches this weekend and take care of all food, feedings and the like. Riders will just have to ride and chill. We could use help in the feed zone on the road race day, but really that is about it.


All information for the race is available at

Racers – read this! It is the Race Bible and contains important info that you need to know!

Please feel free to ask any questions.

5 Responses to “Valley of the Sun Info”

  1. tylers mom aka rane

    I can help in the feed zone if you don’t have enough help already. I would just drive up that morning. Rane PS: I read in the race bible that cars in the feed zone need a permit and they are given out sparingly so perhaps all EG feed zone helpers should coordinate and carpool from race start line area??

  2. daniela

    Rane – yes, that is true. Ignacio and Daniela will have bikes to get back and forth, but mostly likely just there for the day. Call Daniela and we can discuss more.