Hey folks the event is rain of shine. I am going to be at he clubhouse at 9:30am. It is going to be pretty crummy out all day and I do not believe that there are going to be many people out. That said for the people that are out I am going to make them Hot Chocolate at Santa Rosa park. That is also where we were last year and where the bike rodeo for kids will be held. If you do not have home work and know how to dress very warm then come on down. I do not think we are going to need a huge crew but I will be out.



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  1. kathleendreier


    Hey Dudes and Dudettes,
    Here is a link to the beginning images of the OPGP. I will be working on and adding images over the next several days, of course. I will post a blog entry here when I’m done and when I’ve put up a Facebook album for you to tag your glorious selves. I loved witnessing the teamwork this weekend….you guys are terrific!