Saturday is the Old Pueblo Grand Prix – only 15-16 and older are racing, but all are welcome and expected to come out to cheer on their teammates and enjoy some awesome racing close up.

Meet at clubhouse at 9am to get bikes and ride over to the crit area downtown. We will have the van and tents there already and some food. Plan on staying for the day with a change of clothes (if you are racing, or just street clothes – El Grupo t-shirts). If you don’t have a t-shirt, please ask for one bc we have a few left and might be able to make one work.


Juniors go off at 10:30am. We will stick around for other races after that, some of you will be in them, until Damiano maybe participates in the Kids’ Ride at 1:30. Then we will all take a break. Whether that means coming over to our house to hang out, or your own house. We will convene back by 4pm for the street sprints and pro women and men races to cheer them on.


El Grupo will be set up (if all goes well) on the Southwest corner of the Tucson Children’s Museum area, off of Scott and 13th St or nearby there to help animate that side of the event.


Sunday is Tumacacori Road Race. The weather predictions are not looking good so please, please plan accordingly.


The majority of folks will be going up in the first wave.


Steve Bohn will be driving Jesse, Alex and Nathan (if he wants) in the second wave.


More details to come in a few moments. Just wanted to get this up first.

4 Responses to “Logistics for Weekend”

  1. kathleendreier

    Whoa! A decent night sleep for tomorrow…..totally great. We are go to go….Kathleen, D-Son, Donovan and Logan…(we are hanging out over at the house right now).

  2. Jade

    I am no longer sick and I passed all my classes!!! Woo. I dont leave for CO until tomorrow night. I can come to the OPGP and be another loud person for El Grupo, but I wont be able to stay the whole day. I will meet you at 9:00am at the clubhouse!

  3. Cameron Modisett

    I do not have a el grupo shirt. Will my jersey suffice?

  4. kathleendreier

    This being posted on Facebook and email by Alicia (who puts on the Tumacacori):

    FROM: Tumacacori Road Race 2012

    I am sorry to say that we are cancelling the race on this Sunday, March 18th. Never have we seen a weather pattern this bad coming in and the warnings this bad that all those from the high country has cancelled coming down. NOW it better come in this strong as Eric is watching on the satellites. I asked my friends in CA to hold it longer, but they said they can not.
    If you are at the Crit tomorrow, we will have a tent set up and you can get a check from Carole there. You can also let us know if you would like to make a donation to El Grupo, partial or full at that time or even email me. They would have received any proceeds from the race as our beneficiaries.
    We are so sorry. Tuma is known for its weather and we have had blasting heat, horrible winds, snow at the start and rain at the email but we don’t want to make you go through a hurricane to get there and a snow storm to get home.
    Ride safe and we hope to see you tomorrow (before it all starts) at the OPGP.
    Alicia and Eric and GST Racing and El Grupo.