Hope everyone enjoyed a little less hectic weekend and some more time with family than the past few weekends had allowed! Looking ahead to this coming weekend there are two events that El Grupo will be participating in – both are spectator friendly and we would love to have as many people around as possible to make them super fun. We will need VOLUNTEER SUPPORT for the Tumacacori RR and you will not have to be in your car! We have 6-12 spots to fill as the race organizers decided to make the race proceeds benefit El Grupo. More details below…


First,(Saturday, March 17th)  Old Pueblo Grand Prix is the 2nd year for Downtown Tucson’s exciting criterium. This year there is a junior category but it is only open to juniors 15-18 years old (yes, even though it says 10-14 on start times). We will also have riders in the Cat 4 women, Cat 5 men (Jesse!), Cat 4 men and Cat 3 men. This should be a low stress fun day of racing and enjoying watching some racing – with a “street sprints” category that is open to anyone aged 8 and older! Maybe Damiano will be join in on the Kids’ Race at 1pm.


Second (Sunday, March 18th), the Tumacacori Road Race is an awesome 6 mile loop near Rio Rico that proves to be one of the most challenging one day races around. The majority of us will be doing this, if nothing else to enjoy the awesome challenge that it is. IF you are definitely not going to race, and that goes for parents, siblings, others, we will need volunteers to help control traffic at 6 corners/intersections along the route. Some are more “busy” than others.

Here are details from Eric Tyburec as one of the race organizers:

Here is what we typically need….There are 2 waves and 6 corners.


If we have 12 people then 6 can work wave 1 and 6 can work wave 2; if less than 12 people will need to do double duty.  Each person should have a cell phone.


My cell phone is 591.7913….Service out there is average.


Wave 1 must be in place by 645AM

Wave 2 must be in place by 945AM.


I will issue each volunteer a flag and a vest.  Your most skilled assertive person must be at corner 6; then 5 then 2……Those are the critical corners.  The others are very easy.


I will provide food, drink to all volunteers….


I would like to meet all 1st wave volunteers NLT 0615; 2nd wave NLT 0915 for assignments unless you are able to provide the assignments to your team beforehand.


They must do the following:


·         Control traffic – which means stop traffic when a race arrives


There will certainly be some traffic….Any issues with traffic will be referred to the sheriff.


Thanks for the help.


PLEASE POST if you are willing to help out with this. El Grupo will have racers in both waves so this could be a great way to see some of the action.


Finally, if all goes well and we still have some energy left…Cyclovia Tucson is happening back home on the 18th and we can all check it out for the last hour or so.

3 Responses to “Next Weekend: OPGP Downtown Crit & Tumacacori RR”

  1. kathleendreier

    Count me in one of the waves if we do not get enough parental volunteers. Otherwise I will be photographing.
    I think it is time for me to have parent and guardian phone numbers and start our volunteer coordination efforts, eh?

  2. Jade

    I now know the dates (almost certainly) for my Colorado college visits. I will be gone Saturday 17th to Saturday 24th. I am on my way of getting rid of the cold stuff! I am not quite there yet. I also have make up work from being sick and missing more school than usual with internship stuff. I planned it out with a teacher today and it will take all week to get done what I need to get done for quarter 3 grades. So I need to miss this week. I will see everyone after spring break and have fun riding and racing bikes!! 🙂