This Sunday at 4pm at coaches house.


We have had a great start to the season and there is still more to come. So this is a half way point to applaud what  we have done, and to understand what is to come.


Bring your calenders with you as we will be discussing up coming events and opportunities.


Please riders come with parents so we are all on the same page and can ask questions together.


Also I know that 3rd Quarter grades have come out, so please bring those by.

4 Responses to “Team Meeting”

  1. Jade

    I will be there. I told Kathie about it and she doesnt know yet if they will be able to make it. If that happens, we can come up with a plan if they have questions.

  2. Cameron Modisett

    Ignacio, I will not be there I will be out of town on Sunday. Sorry!