We have two options for outreach for all of El Grupo riders to participate in coming up next weekend. Both just so happen to be at the same time on the same day, of course!


1) El Rio Health Fair – 5 years running! El Grupo and Pima County DOT Bicycle & Pedestrian program have put on a bicycle safety obstacle course for tons of kids that show up at this great health fair for the westside neighborhoods.



2) 31st (Saturday) – Living Streets Alliance presents: Kidical Mass Tucson from 10am-Noon
The Kidical Mass Tucson is a group ride for families, hosted by Living Streets Alliance. The route will begin at Himmel Park, continue along the 3rd Street Bike Boulevard, and wind through the beautiful UofA campus.  Safety in numbers is the driving theory behind Kidical Mass. Comfort in numbers encourages people to explore, break out of their routine, try something new such as riding a bike even with children, and perhaps incorporate bike rides into their daily transportation. This is a free event. Visit Living Streets Alliance’s website for updated information on the route and safety protocols. For information on the history of Kidical Mass visit www.kidicalmass.org.



BOTH ARE GOING TO BE A BLAST! You just NEED to tell us which one you will be doing on Saturday (post rides for most of you!). Damiano and Daniela will be doing Kidical Mass. Ignacio will be leading up El Rio’s Obstacle Course.


11 Responses to “Two Outreach Options Next Saturday, March 31st”

  1. Nick Harris

    I will help igacio at the health and saftey fair any way I can.

  2. kathleendreier

    I have a wedding to photograph all day beginning around noon-ish. I will get to both locations to take a few photos between 10ish-1130ish.

  3. kathleendreier

    I will go to the obstacle course to help out. (logan)

  4. adkisson

    I will be at kidical mass if I can. Still not feeling well hopefully I will be better by the weekend.