After a tough, fun 3 day stage race it is important to let the mind and body recover. All the little things add up at this point. You are tired, mind, body and soul and if we push again this week it is easy for us to get sick or to get burned out. So let’s chill early this week and have some fun. As well if you did not race this weekend then a slow fun start to the week is just what you need to get things going again.


Tuesday– Skills at park

Wednesday– Long Loop recovery ride

Thursday– Get the blood and legs moving again on a Tempo Ride on the Points Race Circuit

Saturday– Shoot Out. Fun time.

Sunday– Lets go mountain biking.


So please clean your mountain bikes this week, out side of the clubhouse of course, in the main area. Ask for any help getting it fixed or examining problems. Please ask Alex, Richard, or myself.


By the start of next week we are going to get back to some hard work. So rest well this week take a load off. Congratulate yourself on a beautiful weekend, and let’s get excited for the races and goals to come.

3 Responses to “Week of March 5th Training Plan”

  1. adkisson

    Is there any info on El Grupo volunteering this Sat.for the Healthy Youth activity by United Way? Just trying to make sure we get everything scheduled in. Thanks-Mary

  2. daniela

    Yes, Mary and thanks for remembering! I will be posting later today about Saturday’s event. All who can should plan on attending from 3pm-6pm roughly for the Healthy Youth Celebration. El Grupo will be featured for our work on incorporating more nutrition and physical activity in young people’s lives. More info soon…

  3. adkisson

    I must say all the credit for me remembering goes to your wonderful calendar! It is sooo helpful for our busy family!