First I want and should thank everyone for their hours of help. You are what make the swap so successful  for us as a team. You are the ones that bake, that sell, and are always the good face of the team. You are, the all of you, that are the greater part of the El Grupo family. That is riders, parents, loved ones, brothers, sisters and friends.


I learned a lot today and I want  to get it written down so for the fall swap so we can all look at this before hand to be ready.


One- We never need to show up before 6am again. The event officially starts at that time and so we should be there at that time. Nobody at that time is looking for baked goods all they are looking for is the best deal possible on some random bike part. These early birds are often called the vulchers. Also no one before this time is looking for valet. So our clientele does not show up until later in the day and we should not be exhausted by the time they come around.


Two- I need to be much more clear about when and what type of help I will need. We should never go with out a sign up sheet. It will make all of your lives easier as you will then know when I need you. Then no one will feel like they have to linger just in case, but you will have your hours. Also it will then keep me from feeling like a nag. Lastly it will ensure that all hours that are needed are filled and that we help GABA in the best way possible.


Three- Is just something that I need to recognize. I need to always understand that every El Grupo member who was at the swap today was there because they love the team and wanted to be helpful, but that all of you help in different ways. Not everyone helps in the same way and I need to step back and let you all work in the capacity that you understand and feel good about.


So today I want to thank everyone for all their hard work, all the baked goods that were made and sold with love, and for putting up with me. I know at the end I became cranky partly from little sleep, but mostly because I was not as organized as I needed to be and thus I became frustrated and I let some of that steam off in the wrong direction.


Lessons learned.

7 Responses to “Bike Swap Ruminations”

  1. jesse

    Thanks to everyone for being such an integral part of this family.

  2. keenan

    El grupo is the best, the riders and the coaches, I’m really glad to be a part of it.

  3. kathleendreier

    While I wasn’t able to participate in the swap. your blog is a testimony to the family that El Grupo is. Love you, Coach!

  4. adkisson

    We wouldn’t have been there if we didn’t want to be part of the team! Remember, parents and others can help with the coordinating of things if you get over-loaded especially on those busy weekends with several events going on.

    Ignacio, you are more than welcome to come to the house for an “attitude adjustment”. We have several options “on-tap” 😉

  5. Cameron Modisett

    I left a pan with a lid there. The brownies I made were in it. Did anyone pick it up?