It is going to be an early and busy weekend – sleep up tonight!


Colossal Cave – First wave of riders (including all juniors) starts at 6:30am! All racers need to be at the start one hour before race time to get ready. Here is the race flyer for details.


So….all those racing juniors need to be at Colossal Cave /Pistol Hill area NO LATER THAN 5:45AM.  Please comment whether you will be meeting us out there OR if you need a ride. We will be LEAVING THE CLUBHOUSE at 4:30AM.


The second wave of racers (including Cat 3 & 4 Men) begin at 10am. We will need to coordinate for these racers to come out to the start area no later than 9AM. This includes Logan, Donovan, Jesse & Alex.  We need to figure out how you will all be getting out there!



We will ALL BE VOLUNTEERING in some capacity throughout the morning anytime from 5am through to 2pm.  Please commit to a 2 or more hour time slot for selling baked goods, working bike valet, promoting Summer Bike Camp, and/or helping out GABA with other duties. Comment with your preference or I will assign you to something. We will email that list out tomorrow and have it with us on Saturday out at the race for sign ups.


And start your baking!!! We will need dozens of cookies, muffins, brownies, etc. Individual drinks (ie water, juice) are welcome as well to sell. Every bit counts to help make sure we can offer great opportunities to you all, so please be prepared to help out this weekend to assist El Grupo in raising money at the Swap!

14 Responses to “Logisitics – Colossal Cave & Swap Meet”

  1. jesse

    My dad can take the CAT4s to the race on Saturday. We will leave the clubhouse at 7:30 am.
    I would prefer to work on Sunday as early as possible. 5-8am would be nice.

  2. Lizzy

    And if one were to be doing feed zone and feed zone only, what should one do?

  3. adkisson

    We’ll leave from home and meet at the race start area with Connor and Santa Cruz. Christian, we will coordinate a pick up time for you.

    For Sunday, I’ll start baking and Connor and I will work 9ish to 11:00ish. – Mary

  4. tylers mom aka rane

    We’ll meet you out there on Saturday. Bobby and I will be ready for wheel support for as long as needed. We’ll bake up a storm for Sunday, let us know where you have holes in the schedule and Tyler will work when needed.

  5. daniela

    Lizzy – can you help with the second wave feeds? You would be coming out with your brother and Jesse.
    Jade, or anyone else not racing – your help is very welcome and much appreciated. We will need at least one person in the feed zone for the first wave, and more than one for the second wave. We could also use help with other little things that come up (i.e. putting numbers on, assisting with wheel cars, or anything else Nippy might need!)
    Let us know if you can come just to help and support your teammates!

  6. kathleendreier

    I will meet the first wave out at the race course around 615 to 630am so I can get a bit more rest. I will have to leave the race right after the start of the Cat 4’s due to photographing a wedding. I’m sorry I will not be there to offer much help tomorrow. (Kathleen)

  7. Cameron Modisett

    I need a ride out so I will meet at the clubhouse at 4:30.

  8. kathleendreier

    i will hitch a ride from jesse’s dad at 730 (logan)

  9. adkisson

    John and I will do wheel support for the 15-16 jrs. already told Nippy.

  10. Jade

    Saturday: I will meet you at the clubhouse for the 4:30 departure time to do whatever is needed.
    Sunday: I will be at the Swap Meet from 9:00 to 12:00