All those going to the State Road Race – we will be leaving the clubhouse at 2pm on Friday – please plan accordingly!


On Saturday...if folks in town want to do a road ride, they will need to coordinate with Nippy. (Christian Matthews?)

Duncans will be doing an epic mountain bike ride with Noe.

We encourage all others to get out and move a bit.


On Sunday, the whole team will be going out to Mt. Lemmon for a good ride – some should plan on upwards of 4 hours, some will turn back earlier with Colin. We will be leaving the clubhouse at 6am for that. As usual, we will ride out at as a team (meet us along the way if you so choose) and then everyone can go their own pace upwards. This will be the last time before the Mt Lemmon TT that we all get to ride up. Everyone is invited and expected!


Finally, it is really warming up with some high temps predicted for this weekend. HYDRATE NOW!!! You cannot show up to a ride dehydrated and expect to drink then to catch up. Now is the time of year that we ask you to keep a water bottle by you at all times and stay hydrated!

2 Responses to “Logistics for this Weekend”

  1. TBC Steve

    Olivia will be busy with her 4H duties and show @ the Pima County Fair Friday, Sat and maybe Sunday. For anyone who wants to check out the animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, livestock and the wonderful accompanying odors), look for us in the animal barn, north end.