Posting this for any community member who might read our blog:

Please help find El Grupo Youth rider, Nick Harris’ bike which was stolen today off of the family car at the U of A campus. If you find the bike, please message Nick Harris or coach Ignacio here or on Facebook. Thank you.

More details about the bike from Nick’s dad:
1700 block of East first street and North Warren Ave. (the starting line of the U of A Crit) between 7:45 and 8:15 AM Today (April 4th)
The only noticeable features are the Red and Black striped bar tape, and the tape on the left top of the bar is only black, the red is covered up.
Ultegra crank, SHIMANO Dura ace front and rear derailleur, Look racing pedals, Dura ace STI shifterbrake handels. The Dura ace “cap” is missing on the right side handle.
The front wheel is gold in color “no name” and the back wheel is a Bontrager and is bluish gray. The front fork is a carbon fiber Forte axis pro. There is a five thousands thick
stainless steel shim in side of the fork steering tube to repair the spacing issue of the expansion plug.
Thank you for your help!!!!!