This weekend we get another shot to bring home some top spot hard ware. I think we have a shot at a few titles and I hope you are all excited.


Here are some quick notes:


Saturday are the Category races: So Donovan, Logan and Jesse will be racing. We will leave at 10:30am to be there by 1pm so we are ready to race at 2:40pm


Sunday are the Junior races and we all need to leave at 6:30am to be there with time to kick some butt.


Let’s start to get excited and do all the little things right this week to have fun on the weekend.


7 Responses to “State Champ Crit Races”

  1. kathleendreier

    I plan to go both days to photograph. Room for me in the van?
    I can drive either or both days if needed.
    Good luck to everyone going to the Whiskey, too!!!!

  2. TBC Steve

    Good luck to all EG @ the State Crit race and Whiskey..stay upright, go hard and have fun! Looking forward to some great podium and race shots.

    Olivia is busy with her 4H duties & competition this weekend @ the Pima County Fair, reaching the JR Round Robin Championship Friday night.

  3. daniela

    For any and all those parents (or anyone other than racers) wanting to and/or planning on going this weekend, please let us know who we are so we can plan accordingly. We want to be able to take the least number of vehicles possible, always.

    Kathleen, there will definitely be room in the van on Sat. We can find a space in the van or otherwise for Sunday. Not a problem.

  4. adkisson

    We are going up Saturday to see Lauren’s show and will meet at the race on Sunday. What time do you need Connor to be there?- Mary

  5. daniela

    Connor races at 11am so he should be there absolutely no later than 10am. Others go off at 10:20am. See you there!