The end of the first part of the season is upon us. All the hard work that you put in all summer and fall will be put to the test. We have some major races , big bike tours, and crazy mountain bike events coming up and I hope we all perform the way we dreamed about in the summer.


To that end we have 2 more hard weeks of practice before us.


This week:


Tuesday: Solid tempo ride


Wednesday: Non- TUSD kids A mountain repeats

TUSD kids recovery ride


Thursday: TUSD kids we will be going out to Carmicheal and getting tested.

Non- TUSD kids 36th st sprints


Sat: Crit Race

Sunday: Off for Easter. Those that want to ride should ride up the mountain and I will try and find a coach for you.

6 Responses to “The Next few weeks”

  1. adkisson

    Is there a time scheduled for the rides on Thurs and the potential ride on Friday? Also, what time is the meet time on Saturday? We are just trying to set our schedules.- Mary

  2. Jade

    I cant do a ride after all. I have plans with the family for Sunday. Sorry.

  3. TBC Steve

    I know this is a late notice, but Olivia and I are headed over to Fantasy island @ 4:00 (Irvington parking lot-Bunny Trail entrance) for some fun this Friday afternoon with my mtb buddy. Please join us if you’d like!