All TUSD students that have spring break are invited to a training session at Carmicheal on Thursday. We need to be at CTS at 10am so I will be leaving the club house at 9am.


Please bring your road bikes, a bag with a change of clothes, and food for the day.


We are going to do a computer training to get numbers on us, and then go on a good ride. So please come prepared with your road bikes.


Saturday for the crit the start time is 7:30am. I actually would like to ride to the start so leave at 6am from the clubhouse. If I hear too much dissent about this then we can drive up.


Please post if you are a TUSD kid and want to go to CTS.

6 Responses to “Thursday at CTS”

  1. keenan

    Ignacio/ Daniela, what time will we be done at Carmichael?
    -Keenan and Ben

  2. SwimJim

    Tyler will ride to CTS from home & ride afterward. What is the estimated time that the post CTS ride will be finished?

  3. C-Coach-sweep guy

    We will now need to register on-line for the Tolero crit as the fee is $15 race day and only $5 for juniors on line. It needs to be done tonight.

    THAT is a LONG way UP hill to the crit and back after a race! I mapped it and will bring it to practice wed. From the clubhouse to 10801 N La Cholla Blvd (Casas Church Campus) Oro Valley, AZ is 30 mile round trip!

    Please send me all the sign up for all the races in April and May so that I can get everybody registered. All teens, coaches and adults Please.
    Thanks< Nippy!!!!

  4. TBC Steve

    This is olivia I am in TUSD and I will the there tomorrow (:

  5. Jade

    I will meet you at set time to go to the race and be another loud person in the crowd! GO EL GRUPO!!!!!