I would like for all of us to ride to the start as our warm up.


The race starts at 7:30am and so we should be there no later than 7am.
The ride is 15 miles and so we should safely give ourselves an hour and a half to get there.


So we should leave at 5:30am. I know this is early but I think it’s the best way to make it all work.


Daniela will be driving the team van up with some of our nephews, water, food, and your bag if you choose to pack one with stuff. We should be back in town at approx. 11am ish. An early morning but with an early return.


I know it’s early but I hope we can have fun with it.


See you all then.


Parents more information can be found at azcycling.com. Or here: http://www.toleroracing.net/TRcrit12.pdf


If you are going to choose to drive up there please let me know.