I am posting this for those of you that are not Facebookers. During Gila I posted these three reviews to keep folks in the know. I love this race and look forward to the crew that gets to have the experience next year.



Post 1

We are hanging tough here at the hardest race in the south west. Jesse gave a good go in stage one but we ended up in the second chase group. Donovan cooked on the major climb of the day, and Logan battled his sickness all day.

Nathan continues to ride very strong and is sitting in the top 10 in the 3’s. Richard and Alex continue to be the best teammates in town and have each won a sprint and $40 each.

The TT went very well for us, Jesse kicked my butt, and Nathan broke a 40 which is fast.

The girls, Lauren and Daniela, are really shinning lights for the team. They finished in the top ten in the first stage and had a very fun battle at the front. They were and continue to be amazing.

I am very proud of this team and look forward to the next crew that makes this amazing trip.



Post 2

Great day at the Crit. Daniela and Lauren went first. Daniela’s first crit ever by the way, as mine was in last years event. The girls rode great. Lauren per usual at the front making girls hurt while Daniela was just learning to get comfortable in the pack. At the finish Lauren led out and got 4th while Daniela packed finished.

We the 4’s were next. We had 15 laps and I did not feel good until lap 12. Jesse then took his flier, as I yelled at the pack to ease up. He got caught with 2 laps to go and so it was up to Donovan. I had the job of winning the hill but I got pushed to the curb at the bottom, so Donovan took matters into his own hands. He took the inside, powered the hill, made the selection and got 5th. That’s right 5th. I will guarantee though had we had Logan one of them would have won this thing.

Richard, Alex, and Nathan were last to go on the team. They had 20 laps. Richard half way through the race heard that there was a $280 prime, and so he went and won the thing. The race was controlled by the Garmin Junior team as they continually took flyers making the other teams chase. However it made things easy on Nathan as all he had to do was sit in. Half way through the race he found Alex’s wheel and rode it all the way in. He still sits in 4th and we are hoping to put him on the podium tomorrow.



Post 3

We are back from the City of Silver and the Monster is still crumbling me. I am cooked. That last stage is as hard a race as you can find and it put me to the limit. But oh what fun. This race excites me every year, I am already excited for next year.

This last stage was always intended to be Jesse’s. At the start of the race each junior picked a stage that they wanted to do well in and the rest of us were to help in that mission. Donovan was to have stage one, Logan the crit and Jesse the monster. Unfortunately when Logan got sick and we had to re-asses. That is life ever fluid ever changing. Not having Logan hurt Jesse on this last stage as surely Logan could have helped Jesse more on the climb then Donovan or I could. None the less Jesse put in a 100% effort and now knows that he belongs in this sport and next year if I were to be a competitor of his I would be scared. He is not afraid to go all in and put himself out there. His last peddle stroke was about the last he had. We both finished mid pack about 5 minutes back from the leaders on this day.

The 3’s were in front of us and the boys had everything to race for. Nathan was holding on to 4th place GC and Alex and Richard were in fully aware that they had to get Nathan to the base of the climb safe and sound. Well mission accomplished. He was delivered and along the way Alex won another sprint. Between Alex and Richard they made almost $400 this week in sprint money. Nathan held on to his 4th GC and finished 11th on the stage. Well done team.

The lady’s had the most exciting race as Lauren and Daniela both had aspirations of top 10 finishes. This dream was almost crushed half way through the day when Lauren flatted and the support car took 2 minutes to appear. Daniela ever the teammate waited for Lauren and then after 7 miles of Team TT work they caught back on, with enough energy that Lauren then won the next sprint and $40. The effort proved to be taxing on them once the climb came. Daniela finished 14th and completely cooked while Lauren finished quite well and 8th over all, but they were both left with what if’s.

But that is what life is all about. Taking chances, taking the outcome, and taking another one. Plans never go to plan, and life is more exciting for it.

Most important we only had the chance to take a chance because of the amazing support crew we had. Mark Franklin, Kathleen Dreier, Mark Mandel and Christian Santa Cruz. THANK YOU for making this even possible.

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2 Responses to “Gila Posts”

  1. adkisson

    Is there a plan for a ride on Sunday yet? I’m trying to figure out mother’s day with my mom, brother and sister. Thx- mary

  2. kathleendreier

    I’ve been steadily working on the images from Gila and uploading new images daily. Here is a link to the album.
    I will do a formal post here on the blog when I am done with the full album on my site as well as a partial Facebook album.
    I hope you enjoy seeing your teammates in action. They represented El Grupo very, very well.