I am very pleased with how the Arizona Race Calendar was planned. We had some very fun exciting racing at the beginning of this year, and now this summer, things are chilling out. However that does not mean that we sit around. Back in the 1980’s there was a great cycling coach for US athletes who name was Eddy B. He liked to say just because it is the off season does not mean that you stop training.


No in fact this is a great chance for us to do different things and to work on endurance and overall fitness. To that end I am hoping that we are able to put in big miles and hours. This will make us strong and give us great endurance. At this time we do not need super high end speed, which we obtain from intervals, however we can always use a big engine.


Then for just strength fitness and fun we are going to do the aquathlons and we will have crossfit practices and other fun stuff. So we are going to keep a busy schedule this summer. As well this is a great time of year to do other things you like to do. So get a pass for Rocks and Ropes and go there after morning practice, or get a swim pass for somewhere.


For those of you with big cycling goals this is a very important time of the year. I hope to make it very fun and I want us to put the time in together so that we never lose our camaraderie.


All of this will start on the Luna Lake Bike Tour. We had the great opportunity to take 2 weeks off after a long season and so that you could all prepare for your exams. Now that summer is here we can have fun getting crazy strong.


If you are not on the Luna Lake ride try to get some time on the bike in if you can. We are going to be getting back on track when we return.


Practices will be in the morning if we ride, and in the afternoon if it is going to be something different. I will try and make things as fun as possible, but I will try to kick your butts as well. I am looking forward to it.

2 Responses to “Summer Plans”

  1. Jade

    I am also super excited for this summer and coming back to work hard and have fun with everyone!