Wednesday– No practice. Sorry we were unable to assemble a coaching team as most of us will be in Silver City. Those that would like to ride, please feel free but go with a friend, or trusted adult family friend.


Thursday– Practice at regular time. Colin, Noe, and I think Nippy will be there. This will be Tempo, 6 out of 10, A mountain repeats. This will help get the mountain climbing legs warmed up for the weekend.


Saturday– Nippy is happy to lead an in town ride. Leave the clubhouse at 7am and be out for no more than 2 hours. This would be a good ride for all that are hoping to do the Mt. Lemmon TT.


Then on Saturday afternoon every one that wants to do the Mt. Lemmon TT needs to meet Nippy at Larua’s Mexican restaurant on Broadway. It is just east of Campbell on the North side of the street just across from the Safeway. Please meet him there no later than 3:45pm. Actually be there closer to 3:30pm. This will allow us to get a good morning start time for the race, so it is not so hot. In the past I have always gone in and registered us all together so we would all start one after another. So if you all arrive at the same time this can be done and we can have fun positioning ourselves in such a way that we can have chasing and running away from our friends.


After the race if you guys are able to coordinate a trip to Franks for breakfast I think that could be a lot of fun for all. So bring $5 to the race so you have the opportunity.


Sunday– Is the Mt. Lemmon TT. You will know your start times, on Saturday. I suggest for all that can, to ride to the start of the race as your warm up, and to arrive 45 minutes early so you have time to use the bathroom and get a lay of the land. Then you can continue to cruise and stay warm. Remember the longer the TT the shorter the warm up, the shorter the TT the longer the warm up.If you are to drive to the race, please arrive one hour early so you have time to warm and prepare.


Also all information for this race can be found on the page. Also I encourage you all to browse the site and to find the TT times of you teammates of the last few years. This will be fun for all to see and it should give you something to shoot for.



4 Responses to “This Week”

  1. kathleendreier

    Good luck conquering the mountain, El Grupo! xoxoxo~Kathleen

  2. Marcos

    Good luck at Gila!! I’m excited to read the updates.

  3. TBC Steve

    You guys/girls are kicking some serious butt at the GILA..keep up the great work everyone! Will look for your smiling faces at the Lemmon TT..