CHANGE IN PRACTICE: Wednesday all those who can will be going to help GABA at the Ride of Silence. The ride will be starting at Reid Park and we are to meet at Ramada #22 at 5pm. If you would like a ride to the park please be at the clubhouse at 4:30pm. Ramada #22 is the by the northern most parking lot on Country Club road.


We are being asked to be there at 5pm to help GABA with registration for the event.


At 6pm the slow ceremonial ride starts and will go for an hour. If you would like to stay and ride then I heavily encourage you to do so.  The ride is to memorialize those cyclists that are no longer with us, so it has a quite somber mood.


Remember all we need hours to be able to ride Luna Lake, so please attend if you can. I know that it is finals time and things are getting tense, so please only come if you can.



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