It’s time to celebrate! We made it through the school year and a busy year of riding bikes, and not without the support of our parents who help us in so many ways! We want to recognize our parents and our graduated seniors as they transition to Alumni status.

Where: Tucson Racquet Club, 4001 North Country Club


When: Friday, June 15th at 4pm – 8pm (?) Team Meeting and Awards portion will start at 5:30pm


What to bring: Parents! Riders! Family members! Swim Suits! (and all riders should bring $5 of their own to cover costs of food) Nothing else needed.


Why: Awards, celebration, fun, and a brief team meeting…and relaxing, swimming, socializing and appreciating everyone’s company!


A big thanks to Susan  Modisett for her help in organizing this! Please call Daniela with any questions 304-9682. And please let Daniela/Ignacio know if you would like a ride there so we can arrange.

4 Responses to “El Grupo Parent & Alumni Appreciation”

  1. adkisson

    Dang, we will barely be getting back from our trip. Sorry we will have to miss it.

  2. Jade

    I would appreciate transportation, thank you. Also, thank you Susan and everyone else 🙂

  3. TBC Steve

    Sounds like a blast-we are in. FYI: expect a lot of people there since Friday night BBQ’s are very popular & open to the public. Still plenty of room to hang out… Jade, we may be able to help with transport..