Grupo! Mike Geddes (Mose’s papa) here.

Here are the basics for Mountain Biking in the Catalina Mtns (Mt. Lemmon) this Sunday:

Prison Camp/AZ Trail (loop)
8am=Clip-in at Molino Basin Campground Parking lot. We’ll ride up to Gordon Hirabayashi campground, then back down to Molino Basin (Wahooooo!!!). Back at the parking lot, we’ll re-group, load the vehicles up, then head up to Summerhaven, snacking and re-hydrating on the road.
Please check out this link to Sonoran Desert Mtn Bikers’ info that trail:

Aspen Draw/Ski Valley (loop)
11/11:30 = Clip-in at Summerhaven, in the big parking lot just as you enter the village (it’s in front of the new “Pie Restaurant”). Via singletrack and Ski Valley Rd, we’ll ride up to a large dirt pullout near the top of Mt. Lemmon, then down the Aspen Draw Trail(!!) to the parking lot. At that point, we’ll regroup, decide whether to eat pie, or giant cookies, or pizza, or…(I bet that new pie restaurant has sandwiches as well…). After re-fueling, depending on the timing, and drivers/groups of riders, some of us may want to ride that Aspen Draw loop again, instead of heading straight home…
Here’s the link for this trail:

2p-4p = Back in Tucson

You’ll need to bring $5-10 for lunch, a change of clothes, your camelback full of water, tools, extra tube, air, a helmet, gloves, shoes, and, uh, your well-tuned, fully-operating mountain bike, and most of all, a great attitude:) Drivers will pack lots of extra water.


FYI: So far, we have 3-4 vehicles, which have room for at least 4 bikes and 4 humans (including driver and his/her bike).
Noe Gamez can meet riders at the clubhouse at 6:30a, leaving no later than 7am.
Mike Geddes (388-0016) has room for 1 more rider, will leave my midtown casa at 7am.
Mark Franklin is NE of River and Craycroft, & may have room for 1-2 more riders.

6 Responses to “Info from Mike about Sunday’s Mount Lemmon ride”

  1. kathleendreier

    Logan gets back in town tomorrow late afternoon so he will probably not see this post until late. Please count him in as I’m pretty confident he will be stoked to join you. If Mark has room in his car, I can bring Logan over to Mark’s house on Sunday morning. Thanks! ~~Kathleen

  2. Skywalker

    Yea i am so freakin down! ill call you mike, maybe you have room for me in your car? i think you probably already factored me in.

  3. keenan

    So jealoussss !!!!!!!! I wish I could you guys but I’m in California riding mountain bikes! Have fun!

  4. Cathy

    Daniel, Emily Mark and Lizzy are going! (mark will drive and we have room for Logan and his bike too)
    were gonna depart from our house ~710 to be there by745 (to be ready to ride at 8).
    I think Richard is going with Noe from downtown.