What does summer vacation mean to you?

Well, to Ignacio and I it means escaping the heat (maybe), more quality fun time as a family, and getting to move our bodies (a lot, hopefully). It means WAY LESS time in front of a computer, and more time enjoying nature and each other. It also means a time to (again, hopefully) bring life back into balance…time to restore…and reflect with some integrity. (This should sound familiar to all those participating in my yoga classes of late.)


For El Grupo, summer is a time to change pace a little, re-energize, and have fun (restoring the mind and finding some balance). That is what we are hoping you have been doing through the aquathlons, yoga, and different (crazy!) routes on the road and dirt that help you/us all remember why we do this – for the love of riding bikes!

While we are out of town (roughly June 27 – July 13), there will be no truly sanctioned El Grupo practices. HOWEVER, you will see items on the calendar that are merely STRONGLY SUGGESTED. Unless you arrange for it specifically with someone who has keys to the clubhouse, El Grupo’s clubhouse will not be used as a central meeting place for events/practices because so many coaches will be out of town. Please arrange to have your bicycles in your secure possession during this time.

Here is the rough SUGGESTED schedule for the next 3 weeks:

Mondays – Aquathlons @ Quincie Douglas pool – except July 2nd due to GABA event (see below)

Tuesday – off (with the exception of last yoga class on June 26)

Wednesday – Fair Wheel Bikes Mt. Lemmon group ride starting from UA flagpole at 6am sharp (or join in along the way) – NO EL GRUPO COACHES WILL BE PRESENT – PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!

Saturday – FWB Shoot Out rides for those who regularly go on them – NO EL GRUPO COACHES WILL BE PRESENT – PLAN ACCORDINGLY!!!

OTHER – Mike Geddes (Mose’s papa) has generously offered to lead some mountain bike rides on specific days/times – all listed on the calendar. You MUST check in with him about your participation – not every ride is for everyone! Mike’s email is geddbass “at” gmail.com. or call/facebook him or Mose. Thanks, Mike!



Many of us have been or will be out of town on vacation, but we all need to turn out attention to a few upcoming events in July.

  1. Monday, July 2nd: GABA Ice Cream Social. This is a work trade opportunity that we fulfill and they count on El Grupo to fulfill each year. Will need at least 6-8 riders (plus parents welcome) to make it work. You prep and serve fruit and ice cream, and then get to eat it too, while socializing with a lot of people who support El Grupo in so many ways. And we all earn work trade credit to be applied to Blue Loop Tour on Labor Day weekend. Cathy Franklin will be the point person for this so please contact Cathy directly to sign up at her email: franklin.cathy “at” gmail.com OR call/text 444.0448. Thanks, Cathy!


  1. 4th of July Freedom Ride – you should have all received an email about this. This is one of our major fundraisers for the year, and El Grupo needs your help to make it all work. The more people we get to attend, the more fun they have because it is well organized and “staffed”, the more fun we all get to have the rest of the year! Contact Mary Adkisson to sign up to volunteer: jama_fam “at” yahoo.com OR call/text 975.1825. Thanks, Mary, Jessica, Nippy and all others who have already signed up!


  1. Durango Trip. All riders helped to set the qualification criteria so you should know if you are borderline or not. We will be speaking with those folks who are borderline or not going before we leave. While the roster for Durango will be sent in before we leave, if you choose to not attend any of the suggested events listed above (both work outs and outreach) or if you choose to not be physically active at all during your vacation, you will seriously jeopardize your chance to go to Durango. We all need to be in good form to have fun there. Keep moving! We will be leaving VERY EARLY on Sunday, July 15th and returning by mid-afternoon on Sunday, July 22nd.  The cost to riders will be $125 to help offset the major expense that the week of training, presentations, and life-changing experiences really is for El Grupo. This is slightly higher than the past two years to help with increased gas prices and other expenses.


  1. Monday, July 23rd: Both the first day of 2nd session of Summer Bike Camp AND the Aquathlon Championship Series event in the evening!! You must have completed at least 4 events to qualify. We will be doing some SBC reflection and planning on Durango trip.


And finally, if reading and digesting all of this is too much for you in one sitting, and to field questions – we will be having a TEAM MEETING on Monday, June 25th at 6:15pm at the Aquathlon. This will be following the awesome skills sessions that Jim Stites and Rane Clements have been teaching (thanks!!) at 5:30pm and prior to the start of your aquathlon event.


7 Responses to “July schedule, events & summer vacation!”

  1. MarkMandel

    Thursday – June 28. If anyone is interested, I’ll be riding the fixed loop starting at 6:00am and going for at least 2 plus hours. Lots of side roads and a few hotel loops! Yo Donovan, since you have keys, perhaps you can open the clubhouse?

  2. danielson

    Mark I have keys, and i will most likely be on that ride.

    TO EVERYONE: If you need keys to the clubhouse while Ignacio and Daniela are gone contact me at (520)-591-0630

  3. Lizzy

    I’ll also ride on Wednesday with you, Mark. And I have clubhous keys.


  4. TBC Steve

    Olivia and I will miss tonight’s Aquathlon-she’s in a dance event from her day camp. Looking forward to riding with the gang on WED’s up Lemmon…

  5. Lizzy

    Mark, in my last comment, Wednesday was code for Thursday. 🙂


  6. mosespapa

    Thursday, June 28. MOUNTAIN BIKING: I’ll be leaving the el grupo parking lot at 5:15p, heading out to Starr Pass for approx 2-1/2 hours (traditional loop plus some fun techy stuff!)
    Yes, we’ll be heading back before sunset, but please throw some “to be seen” blinky lights on your steed.
    It will be a very warm ride, so carry at least 3-4 big H2O bottles, or a full 100 oz camelbak bladder.
    Make sure you’ve got a spare tube (and if possible, a way to put air into that tube).
    I do not have keys to the clubhouse.
    Please reply to this if you’re coming along (or text me at 388-0016, or email at geddbass@gmail.com) 🙂