Thursday, June 28. MOUNTAIN BIKING:
I’ll be leaving the el grupo parking lot at 5:15pm, heading out to Starr Pass for approx 2-1/2 hours (traditional loop plus some fun techy stuff!)
Yes, we’ll be heading back before sunset, but please throw some “to be seen” blinky lights on your steed.
It will be a very warm ride, so carry at least 3-4 big H2O bottles, or a full 100 oz camelbak bladder.
Make sure you’ve got a spare tube (and if possible, a way to put air into that tube).
I do not have keys to the clubhouse.
Please reply to this if you’re coming along (or text me at 388-0016, or email at 🙂

2 Responses to “Thursday’s evening ride: A message from Mike Geddes”

  1. TBC Steve

    Sounds like fun! Kids have a swim meet so I’ll miss it:(..did FI this am.



  2. Richard

    I’ll be at the clubhouse to open at 4:30 so folks can grab what they need. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to ride, though.