Tomorrow’s mtn biking ride at Fantasy Island starts promptly at 7:00a, from the main trailhead at Irvington/Harrison. The 2 days of rain will have created XC-riding heaven on the island, what with beautiful, firmed-up trails, virtually no dust, and maybe even a wee bit of mud…Hope to see you there!
Mike Geddes (388-0016)

Mike did not give me any particulars about the “hows”…where meeting, how getting there, etc. I recommend you call him directly if you are interested in participating.

2 Responses to “A message from Mike about Fantasy Island tomorrow.”

  1. mosespapa

    I’m sorry, I should have said, “I’ll be at the trailhead at 7am, clipped-in, ready to ride. I’ve got Luke, Mose,Liam,and am planning on meeting Lizzy and Daniel-Son there as well. Since my van is full, if you need a taxi to the traihead, then you’ll have to figure that out with your parents or older, driving siblings.” I apologize for not posting sooner, but I’ve been rather distracted by being on vacation, if you can believe it…

  2. TBC Steve

    A session I hat to miss, but just got bak into town and have kid/work related duties. Keep me posted on your next adventure @ FI.