When I left this post Donovan had just completed stage 5 on day 4. He had his best finish and was feeling very confident about the next day.


Well unfortunately he was unable to race the next day. He got food poising at night and awoke the next morning to vomiting.


He may not have finished the race, but he sure learned that he is capable of racing at this level.


I took a lot of courage for him to dream a dream this big, and then to work tirelessly to get here. Nothing was given to him. Everything he earned was because of his hard work and dedication to this goal.


I have a great time watching this ride and I can’t wait to see what comes next out of him.


But I also hope that this inspires the rest of the youth on this team. I hope you all believe now that you are involved in a program that can get you to this high level. A program that will wait and help you progress at your speed and will take the time to allow you to grow.


Donovan sp0ke to us the other day and I asked him what one thing he did that helped him get to this race:

His Answer— Consistency.


It’s about follow through. So many of you on this team have the ability, I hope to now inspire you to have the courage, to set your goals, and then patiently chip away at them until you succeed.


Time is on our side, let’s be patient, set our sites, and let’s be great.


Here is a video I found about the race. Not of this year, but a good one.