As mentioned at Sunday night’s team meeting, GABA had to cancel a perennial favorite of El Grupo’s – The Blue Loop Tour.  We want to honor it, though, by providing some “epic” rides for our various levels of riders on all three days of the weekend, if that seems of interest.

Weekday practices remain the same as usual – just come prepared for cross training on Tuesday at the park.


Saturday – A & B will do regular Shoot Outs PLUS Madera Canyon

Saturday – B & C (who don’t do S.O.) – 3+ hour ride


Sunday – Mt. Lemmon Ride & Potential Picnic – Riding up higher than before (…to the top??) with some potential SAG/Picnic stops along the way, pending support

Any parents want to plan on driving up for their own hike/enjoyment, and bringing along extra food and water (provided by El Grupo) to be distributed at some designated location on the mountain? (Maybe help with transport back of some of the newer riders for whom going up will be plenty?) Please comment if you are interested and we will contact you to figure out more details.


Monday – Anyone want to ride? Mountain bike? Bike and hike?? Something epic and fun (and yet mostly local and doable)? Comment with your suggestions and requests.

13 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend Plans”

  1. Liz H

    Steve is a big man with a big truck. We would love to go hiking while you guys bike up. We can take bikes and bikers back down, too. Let us know what you need.

  2. Collin H

    Sounds like it’s gonna be one the best labor day weekends ever!!!!!!!

  3. MarkMandel

    Count me in to help out with riding with the team and Laura would like to help out with the food.

  4. kathleendreier

    I unfortunately will be unable to participate in any of the weekends activities as I will be traveling to Wisconsin to visit my elderly grandfather. I wish you all a fantastic weekend.

  5. Ben Duncan

    Ride up Mt. Lemmon, then down the backside of it?

    We could do sweetwater to starr pass and up explorer?

  6. mosespapa

    Mr. Duncan, love that thinking…
    What about a shuttle ride that drops off a group of intermediate-advanced mtn bikers at Bug Springs trail(the lower entrance to Green Mtn Tr), ride that down to AZ trail/Molino Basin (about 2 hrs)–truly an awesome ride you’ll want to do again and again!

  7. Ben S.

    I’m assuming that the Saturday ride for B&C groups begins at 6:00 AM as well for the Sunday ride…is this correct?

  8. moze

    i probly wont come on st or mon but will do a ride sunday, not sure on options, very hazy

  9. TBC Steve

    Doing the Lemmon Sunday ride for sure..some of my teammates will tag along after Udall. I’m thinking of going to Windy Point…