We have an exciting weekend coming up with some different plans going on. Please read this carefully and respond to the questions asked in the comments section so we can organize all of this as best as possible. Thanks!


Friday, Sept. 28: For TUSD students only (or those who don’t have school that day).

1. Please plan on meeting at Technicians for Sustainability (612 N 7th Ave) at 2pm for a bike camp meeting and to help get the place ready for October camp starting next Monday! (You can and are encouraged to come to this whether or not you are working camp or not.)

2. Optional: City High School students will be joining Ignacio and I for fun work out (9am-12pm) at the new bike track at Laguna Elementary that Ignacio had built. We will be doing trail maintenance (which must require riding it some!), painting the bike storage room, and designing signs for the track. Please let us know if you are interested and can come help – lunch will be on us!


Saturday, Sept. 29th:

1. National Public Lands Day on Mt. Lemmon: As part of our community outreach and sponsor relations with REI, we will be helping many others to clean up the Bear Wallow Camping area up on Mt. Lemmon. While the event is for all day, I only committed/registered El Grupo for half day (9am-12pm). Anyone wanting to stay the whole day is welcome, though. For those planning on participating (riders, parents, siblings welcome), please let me know who you are and whether you will meet us at the clubhouse (7:30am) or Udall (8:15am) or up at the site (9am). Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Also, parents please let me know if you are planning on coming and if you are willing/able to drive. At the least, the team van will be leaving with 10 available seats from the clubhouse. More info in the flyer posted just below this. I will have waiver forms available at the clubhouse this week to sign or Saturday morning at very least.

2. Mt. Graham Hill Climb State Championships: For the riders signed up to race, please meet at the clubhouse by 2:30pm  to drive out to Roper Lake to camp. You will get an email with more details about this. You are not expected to do the Mt Lemmon outreach (this time) but if you want to make both happen and can manage that with your school work, too, please let us know. The van will be back in time since it is also driving to Mt. Graham!


Sunday, Sept. 30

1. Sunday ride for all those not racing at Mt. Graham: 6:30am – regardless of whether or not you are A, B or C. We will break into smaller groups and go on some fun rides!


2. Mt. Graham State Championship Hill Climbers: May the force be with you! Good luck, have fun out there, and be safe!


As always, if you have questions, please contact us. Thanks!


10 Responses to “Detailed plans for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (& feedback needed!)”

  1. daniela

    OH, and if you have an REI Volunteer shirt that you got last time, PLEASE WEAR IT on Saturday. Thanks!

  2. moze

    will be at udalll waiting all alone, lonely, by myself, with no friends, hint hint

  3. Mary Adkisson

    Connor will be there tomorrow to help out. Since he is doing the hill climb he will not be going up Mt. Lemmon but he is hoping to do a chill ride with other hill climbers instead (if you are interested give Connor a yell). He will meet at the Club house on Sat. at 2:30. He planning on riding in the team van since John and I will not be able to attend this event. – Mary

  4. kathleendreier

    i have a big xc invitational tomorrow which will result in my absence at the tfs event.I may not be at the trail recovery on mt. lemmon either.

  5. TBC Steve

    Olivia will help out at the Laguna Elementary School from 9:00am to Noon and also the Trails day Sat am..she will be at the clubhouse by 7:30 am Sat am.

  6. TBC Steve

    BEST Luck to all Mt Graham racers..the Bohn’s will be out of town Sunday am thru Tuesday.

  7. Lanning Household

    Cole, Bob and Kate planning on helping. Bob has meeting at the bottom of the mountain at 1:30 so we are wondering if Kate and Cole catch a ride back with the El Groupo van back to the clubhouse at 12:30. We would drive up in family car and back with group. What do you think? Kate