Two down, one to go. I am very pleased with the effort and determination that has been shown by the whole team this weekend. I had a great time today, Sunday, on the mountain, and apologize for having to leave early. A family situation came up.


I also want to take time to thank everyone who helped today to make this mountain adventure so fun. We could not do this without all the support and I thank you for it.


With one more to go we are all starting at 6am from the clubhouse. A+B teams will be heading out another long road adventure, while the C team has one more super ride to go with Colin.


Please be prepared!!


Also if we have a good showing tomorrow and good effort I will happily cancel practice on tuesday.


See you in the AM.

3 Responses to “Monday Labor Day”

  1. Liz H

    I am available with the big truck and left over snacks if you need a support vehicle.

  2. adkisson

    Heard it was a super ride today! Congrats to all who rocked the mountain. Enjoy your ride tomorrow. Please think of those of us working tomorrow while you are out having fun…it is labor day after all.

  3. TBC Steve

    Olivia had a blast today but will miss practice in the am. She is looking forward to seeing everyone again Wed afternoon…