Ben Duncan, Keenan, Jesse, Kyle, Christian Matthews, Chloe, Nick Harris, Daniel Son, Lizzy, Olivia, and Conner you are all signed up for the Tolero Crit tomorrow. I currently have the race numbers and all is set.


We have to leave the clubhouse at 5am to make it there on time and so we never have to rush at any point in the process.


Please if you have lights come with them. It will be dark when we leave and we need to be seen. I will have 4 super MTB lights ready for us to use, and a few rear lights as well.


It is only a 20 minute race, so the hour ride up will be a great warm up.


At the clubhouse remember to stock up on food.


Sleep well tonight and dream about have a great day on the bike with friends and a lot of fun.


B+C team 6am as usual. Have fun and remember that all the little things add up. Control what is controlable, and allow the rest to flow.

3 Responses to “Tolero Crit Sat. 8th of September”

  1. TBC Steve

    Oh, and thanks SO MUCH Ignacio for taking care of the kids entries/numbers! Please let us know if you need reimbursement.