The ride will be leaving from the clubhouse with whom ever chooses to join at 6am.


We will be at Udall Park by or near 6:30am. Anybody who wishes to join up there at that time is welcome to.


We will be by or near the base of the Mountain on Catalina Highway at 7am. (These are all approximate times, of course)


By 7:15 am we would like to be starting to climb the mountain. At this time I expect to have all participating riders, riding up with me. It does not matter where you start from. Really whatever is easiest for you and your family.



With the A+B groups I want to ride all the way to the top. I presume this should take 3 to 3.5 hours.


The A+B group should be at Bear Canyon of mile marker 12 in about 1:15 hours or 8:30am.


The C group will arrive shortly there after between 8:45 and 9:15am.


I would like to have a sag stop at Bear Canyon from 8-10am, that has the capacity to drive some kids down the mountain if they need that. (Collin’s folks – Steve & Liz?)


The A+B group should make it to the top of the mountain by 11am. I am hoping to have a sag at the top of the mountain from 10- 11am. Approximately. (Daniela & Laura Mandel)


The A+B team should be heading down the mountain at 11am and should be at the base before noon.


The C group should be at the base at approx. 10am.


From here we will have some coach support HOWEVER they will not ride kids all the way to the clubhouse. The coaches/adults on this day can get you to Udall Park, or the Franklin’s house which is quite close. If you don’t have a way to transport your bicycle, then please ride with Emily & Mark Franklin to their house and leave the bike there. Daniela will pick it up later, and you can get picked up from there, as you wish.


The A+B team should be at the clubhouse by 1pm, or if you live on the way back you can just ride home.




We will have extra water, fruit, snacks and sandwiches at the SAG stops at mile 12 and mile 26. Please plan on arriving hydrated, and bring along 3 water bottles and gu in your pockets.


As always, we can only planned something like this to a certain extent – and be able to “go with the flow” when things don’t go exactly as expected. Come with a great attitude and let’s all enjoy an awesome day on the mountain!

5 Responses to “Update – Sunday Mt Lemmon”

  1. papaharris

    Supper fun today watching the determination of all
    El groupo riders working to “make their goal”! We were very happy to be there.
    Great job to all!!!