Please everyone take a second in the next few days to look at the Parent Rider manual. In it there is a page called call Code Of Conduct. Please note that I asked everyone on the team to return it to me for a signature that would denote that you have read it and understand. Within it I tried to emphasize the idea of personal responsibility. I am happy to do all that I can to help, but every rider has to meet me half way. You need to bring 2 spare tubes to every practice. You need to have your water bottles ready to go. You need to have food with you. You need to be at the clubhouse at least 15 minutes early, or as best as you can. I respect that you are all very intelligent youth and I want to treat you that way.

So when some one comes to practice with out tubes, I feel that is disrespectful to me and the rest of the team. It also tells me that you are not committed nor that you are very excited about the opportunity.

I will feed off what I am given, so if I have a group of youth that are prepared, are on time, and have what they need, then I promise you I will be the best coach that I can possibly be.

I apologize to anyone that was on the bike ride with me today. I was miserable to be around and I was rude. I very much apologize.