I personally have had a very emotional and trying last few days and am cooked. I know that I have been a live wire the last few days and the simplest of things have set me off. I apologize for this, but it is who I am. Sorry.

This coming week I would like to:

Tuesday: Recovery Ride in street clothes and commuter bikes.

Wednesday: A team–Long Alex ride
B- C team — With me on long ride

Thursday– ILT work on A – mountain

Friday– We have a special spin class scheduled at O2. This is a special deal that our sponsors are putting on for us, so yes this mandatory and I hope for very good attendance. That said if you need to skip a day of practice so that you can make this special event, please do so. Choose any one practice to skip this week so you make this event, if you need to.

Saturday– Is our skills day in the park with Jr. El Tour. This will be at Brandi Fenton park and will start at 10am. For those of us that do the Shoot Out we will ride straight there and Daniela will have food ready for us. Those of you on Colin and Daniela’s ride will be at the park on time and ready to go.

That said this all leads me to my Halloween Costume for this year. the answer is in the video.


Also tomorrow is going to be my first day off in over a month and I am very excited to spend the day with Damiano and Daniela.

4 Responses to “Coming week of October 8th”

  1. Nick Harris

    We hope you have fun relaxing time with your family! We are a little scared of that halloween costume though! Eeek! <3
    ~Harris family~

  2. Logan

    haha. i vote for the el grupo halloween flash mob with Ignacio in this costume leading this dance to the same sound track.

  3. Ben Duncan

    I second Logans idea. I’ll be there on Friday, but depending on what homework i have on Thursday night, i may not attend. I’ll also make sure to follow the El Grupo guidelines, and be prepared for practice. you’re a great coach igncaio, thanks.