Just practice on Thursday.You might have seen the Jr El Tour event listed for tonight/Thursday on the calendar. We cancelled that with them and decided to focus our help on the skills session on Saturday-much more fun and useful to them and us.


Friday: The “InCycle” indoor cycling class at O2 starts at 4:30pm for one hour. However, the calendar lists 4pm because we would like for everyone to plan on getting there as close to 4pm as possible to help set up the bikes. Please plan on bringing a lock to leave your bike outside if you ride there. Several of us will need to have our road bikes set up in trainers to accommodate all of us. You are welcome to get dropped off at 4pm and plan on getting picked up no later than 6pm.


Saturday: We will all do our morning rides. We would like for the majority of riders to continue on to Brandi Fenton Park where we will do some skills for Jr El Tour youth participants. This will only last one hour and you can either plan on riding back to the clubhouse at that time OR you can get picked up/ride home from Brandi Fenton at 11am.


Unless we hear otherwise, we will expect you to participate in these fun activities!!