Tuesday- 4:30- 6pm  Cyclo Cross practice at Himmel Park. If you ride a road bike with, road bike cleats, please bring tennis shoes to ride in.


Wednesday- If you are working Bike Camp then there is going to be a ride  that starts at 2:30pm. We will be out for an hour then pick up the after school crew at 3:45. If you are the after school 3:45 crew please be absolutely ready at this time. Outside doors locked and ready to go, so all we have to do is swing by and pick you guys up. I should not have to enter the building.


Thursday- Again we will have a ride that starts at 2:30pm. Then we will pick up the after school crew and again head to Himmel Park for Cyclo Cross practice.


Friday– Off !!!! Yeah!!!!!!


Saturday– Morning ride and then Kidical Mass at Himmel Park.


Sunday– Morning Long– long ride.

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