All regular practice times this week


Tuesday, October 23: to celebrate National Food Day, El Grupo will take a recovery ride to the Tucson Village Farm on Tuesday during practice time. Bring an extra dollar or two to walk away with delicious locally grown produce. We will taste demos, pick a few things, and head back on time.



Wednesday, October 24th-— Jason Tullous, the Head Coach of CTS here in town, is going to be coming to explain the training plan that he and I put together. This plan goes through February and it is intended to get those that want to race at a high level ready to do so. For the rest of us it will get us in shape for any and almost all goals we want to set and go after. I encourage everyone to come, listen, and be ready to ask questions, so that you all understand the plan. We will go out for a ride after that.



Thursday, October 25th–  ILT– Hopefully at Starr Pass.



Saturday 27th-— No Shoot Out or B/C rides. Sleep in. You have earned it. BUT, please plan on coming out for Kidical Mass starting from the Tucson Children’s Museum at 9:30am. As many EG riders and parents as can come would be appreciated to help guide the family friendly ride from 10amish – 12. Ice cream at HUB to follow. Halloween costumes welcome and encouraged. This is a great outreach opportunity for youth to get more youth on bikes, and is also our last chance to get folks to sign up the Scavenger Hunt the next day.


FYI…El Grupo’s Board of Directors, including Daniela, Ignacio and a few youth rider reps will be doing our Annual Board Strategic Planning meeting on Saturday from 11am-4pm. We will be at the start of Kidical Mass only. A whole heck of a lot of work from a lot of people goes into making El Grupo be as awesome as it is – something that is important to remember for us all!



Sunday 28th— Scavenger Hunt. Participation is absolutely mandatory. We will talk more about it this week.

Plan on helping out with setup starting at 7am.

Also, please check your email this week for updates and need for help for the Scavenger Hunt on Sunday. EVERYONE should plan on being present to help. The more people we get there, the more money we raise, the more opportunities El Grupo can provide.