For the next couple weeks we are going to be focusing on building our base fitness. We will be doing this by going on long endurance rides on the weekends coupled with good steady rides on the weekday. This is a great time in the training year to do the Cross Fit rounds that some of you know 3 times a week. Leaving Monday as a total off day is highly recommended. This phase of training will see us through the end of November. From here until December we are focusing on our endurance and base fitness that will prepare us for the hard work to come in the coming weeks and months ahead.


To be able to ready our selves for this Daniela worked with the Red Monkey Studio and has obtained a FREE group class for us on Tuesday the 30th. Please plan on getting back to the clubhouse at 6:30pmish. Also those that live on the North side it might be best for you get picked up there (or even dropped off there?). The studio is at Skyline and Campbell. Class is from 5-6pm giving us time to drive up there and get situated.


Tuesday 30th — TRX/Pilates/Cross trainin class.


Wednesday– A mtn repeats at Endurance pace. Please, Please, please bring the digital watch that I have been asking everyone to bring from now on. You absolutely need them to do the this practice at it’s optimal level.


Thursday– Endurance Road ride


Friday– 4:30pm at O2. The great Kurt Rosenquist is going to be fitting all of us to our bicycles. So please everyone come to this. He is an absolute expert in his field and if you want to feel good on your bike and go faster than I will expect to see you there.



Saturday– Morning rides. 6:45am for Old Man. All others start at 7am


Sunday– Long 5 hour ride for A+B team.

6 Responses to “Week of October 29th Training Plan”

  1. daniela

    No, we will not be doing the Silverbell this year. Feel like we can get a good ride, on our own chosen route, without the hassle. Looking for more steady riding too, and not so much stop and eat and go again, as tends to happen with awesome GABA rides 🙂

  2. Nick Harris

    For the cross training class do you want us in spandex? And thank you Ignacio and Daniela for the great opportunity’s.

  3. daniela

    Wear what makes you most comfortable – spandex may be easiest for most of us bc it is stretchy, after all!

  4. TBC Steve

    Great training ride today with EG!

    DON’T miss this GREAT opportunity to have Kurt fit you on your bike Friday afternoon..he is very good, taking the best of new and old school technology.
    Bring cycling shoes and spandex shorts.