Hello everyone, after a fantastic El Tour I want to change gears just for a day. We have been invited to Cross Fit Kids which is just across the tracks from the Clubhouse for a special one time fun day tomorrow. Please be prompt and ready in regular PE style clothes.


After practice at 6pm Chris and Sherman, Leo’s parents, will have all the left over kitchen supply stuff from the party the other night, so please be sure to get your stuff.


Wednesday Practice– A mtn tempo repeats


Thursday– Off– eat and be merry


Friday– We ride. More info to come.

2 Responses to “Cross Fit Tomorrow 11/20/12”

  1. Jade

    Hey El Grupo!
    I am in town and will stop by to visit before practice tomorrow (tuesday) but will not be able to stay. See you all soon!!!!! <3

  2. Mary Adkisson

    Any word on the start time for tomorrow? Must plan the Black Friday shopping spree don’t cha know 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!