The Tour Dinner is this Thursday, Nov. 15 from 6-7:30 or 8:00.

  • This event is  being hosted at the home of Leo and his parents, Sherman and Chris. The address is  2240 E Greenlee Rd  (Tucson Blvd/Prince area) just a block off the River trail.   Park on Greenlee Rd (by Jackson) or bike down Tucson Blvd from Rillito River trail (2 blocks). Look for sign at 2240 E Greenlee.    We are looking forward to seeing everyone.  We hope it’s warm – but bring a coat
  • Lots of you have signed up to bring main dishes, bread and vegetables/salads but we need each family to bring a dish to share so we have plenty of food for everyone.  If you haven’t done so, please sign-up for what you will bring to the dinner.  The sign-up sheets are located on the door of the club House.
  • The 3 tables and all the chairs that Liz, Chuck/Michelle and Steve said they will bring should afford us plenty of table space for eating but we only have seating for about 30-40 so bring your own chair if you want a guaranteed seat!

**** Tour Day:  We also still have slots to fill for parents to help out on Tour Day.  Jessica Harris has graciously agreed to be one of the early bird parents that bring the 111 mile riders’ bikes to the start and save the place until the kids show up.  We still need several more parents to help with that.  John and I will help with the pick-up  of cold weather gear at 6 am and we have a truck.  There are also slots left for parents to help at the SAG stops.  Please sign-up to help with one of these needed slots.  The sign up sheets are on the Club House door.


Thanks so much everyone!  I promise you that this is our busiest time of the year.  The rest of the year seems like a piece of cake compared to this month 🙂


10 Responses to “El Tour Pot Luck Dinner is this Thursday Nov.15 at 6:00”

  1. Nick Harris

    We would also like to help at a SAG stop, and hopefully see the team come in at the end?

    ~ Harris Family! with Jenny too!

  2. tylers mom aka rane

    If Harris’ help us (Becki and I) at SAG stops, we’re totally covered in that area. I’ll bring a pasta salad.

  3. Mary Adkisson

    Thanks so much Rane, Becki and the Harris family with special guest appearance by Jenny!

  4. daniela

    I will not be riding so I am happy to help take the bikes out and hang with them in the cold. I’ll lead Jessica (and Jenny?) through some cross fit training to keep us warm!

  5. kyle

    bringing orange beef dish for party and I’m sorry I cant help with el tour day, gotta work. michelle

  6. Mary Adkisson

    Great, Thanks everyone for signing up for the Pot luck. See everyone tomorrow! Don’t forget chairs and a jacket!

  7. Cathy

    NOTES for C-team 60 Mi group!
    Emily and I will meet up at McCormic park about 1 block west of the start at 9am. We will head over to swan about 915ish. we can do numbers there or at the start line (there will be time) I have GUs for everyone (triberry and van/orange)
    call me if you have questions or expect to be late – 444 7030
    See you all There!
    Mark and Emily

  8. Mary Adkisson

    Best of luck to all of the riders tomorrow. Congratulations to all the new riders. Wear your jerseys with pride because you deserve them! Finally, a huge and hearty THANK YOU to all of you who showed up, brought delicious food and helped at the Pot Luck yesterday. It was a huge success.