I hope everyone has a great holiday with their family and friends. You have all earned this great day, so take great advantage of the time with your loved ones.


Practice for Friday:


A team– 8:30am start. A very long road ride. We are still laying down our base, and are quickly coming to the end of it. Let’s enjoy these last few big rides and remember to continue to prepare mentally for the very hard work to come. This ride includes Leo and Lizzy.


B team– Sounds like most of you will be going and mountain biking out at the 24 hour course. Those of you going may I recommend that you all ride two laps. Liam, Kyle, Mose


All others– Colter, Cole, Collin, Newben and Sam. First option for Sam and Colter go out with your Dad’s and ride for 3 hours at a good pace. If this is not possible then come with Cole, Ben, Collin and me to Tumamoc for some crazy hiking fun. We will meet at the clubhouse at 3:30pm prompt to be back by 5:30pm. That way we can watch the sun set on the hill. Please invite family members to come to this. So I hope to see some parents out there on the hill with us.


Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful to be a part of such an amazing team!

One Response to “Friday 23rd of November”

  1. Mary Adkisson

    Alrighty! Connor will be out there. If I’m feeling better may join you for the hike.