24th Saturday– A team will be riding the Shoot out plus Madera. Starting at 7:15am sharp from my house.


B team leaving the clubhouse sharp at 7:30am also riding the Shoot out route and returning via Helmet Peak. I am wanting you guys to ride this route quite a bit in the near future in the hopes that you are all soon ready to ride with us on the group ride.  Lizzy, Colter, Leo, Kyle, Mose, Liam,


C team– Saturday lets meet at the clubhouse at 3pm.  We are going to go to Himmel park to continue to work on our Cross skills. Collin, Sam, Cole, Newben



Sunday the 25th. Sorry I am still in taking info to make a decision. This will be a mountain bike day and all are going to be invited.


Thank you all for being flexible and working with me through this.