This week of December 10th see’s us making a transition in our training.


We are coming off of a rest week, that followed our base period.


The base period for most of us was two months long, where we worked on building our endurance. This stage is mostly complete. Of course you can always work on endurance however we are transitioning.


This transition will be for the next two weeks. We are going to be doing two weeks of VO2 max training. This will help us push our boundaries and increase our overall power. These are critical weeks in our training plan. So I hope many of caught up in school this last week so you are ready for these workouts.


Everyone will be riding their road bikes at practice. Please come with what you would regularly would wear for a road ride.


Everyone should bring a vest to practice from now on, until I say you do not have to anymore. No exceptions. Everyone brings a vest. Also a bandana or some small towel, and the WATCH I have been telling everyone to bring and have. Just a cheap digital watch is all you need.


Practice Schedule:


Tuesday– Elite team will be at the clubhouse doing a trainer workout with Jesse.

B+C team– Will be going to O2 for a trainer work out as well. This will be an hour long and you will be done by 6pm. You may get picked up from there if you need.


Wednesday– Switch

Elite team at O2

B+C at clubhouse with Ignacio for trainer work out


Thursday– All will be on the road for a ride


Saturday– Elite team–Endurance ride

B team– Old Man Shoot Out  ( really just Leo)


Sunday– Elite team– Cyclocross State Champ Race Phoenix

B+C team Mountain bike ride


Study well and hard so you are prepared for these workouts. I am hoping for great attendance and effort this week and you will need strong determination to complete this week.




This clip is as cheesy at it gets, but I find it funny enough. It was remembered by a youth that I posted it last year. So as part of tradition– here you go.