First I want to congratulate everyone on a great weekend. Riders you were brilliant. I am very pleased with the leadership shown by the elders and New riders, you thrilled me. I could not be happier as a coach with the pride you rode with. This will be our mantra for a long time, and you all learned what it means this weekend. Thank You!




December see’ s us transitioning into our next phase of training. Over the last two months we have been building our endurance and our base fitness. That means we have been putting in a lot of long, not very intense miles, with the goal of building endurance. We can all now ride comfortably for many miles and many hours, however our top end speed is yet to come. We are diesel engines and we want to become sports cars.


To achieve that speed we are looking for, we first need to let the body rest from all the hard work we have recently put in. So this next week is a recovery week. You only get stronger when you rest and so we shall. This is also a great week to get caught up in school and miss a practice or two to do so. I know finals are coming up and we all want you to do well on your tests. So this is catch up on school week, rest week, and get focused for the very hard work to come week.


Starting the week of December 10th things are going to get intense in practice. We are going to start our top end speed training and practices are  going to get very hard. Good news is much of this will be done on trainers at O2 or at the Club house. That means we can put in perfectly timed intervals and get all we need in a shorter amount of time, so you all have time to prepare for your finals. This is a critical part of the training, so again if this week you need to take off to be ready for the week of the 10th. DO IT!!


I will have more specific info as to the week of the 10th and more soon, I first wanted to mentally prepare everyone for the next phase.


This week every ride is a recovery ride.


Saturday we will be, BIG BOY shooting out. That’s right one and all that does this ride. Even you Daniel.  Other riders will have a ride, with Collin on the same route.


Then Sunday will be fun day at Fantasy Island for everyone.

4 Responses to “Decembers Training Plan”

  1. Tyler

    I see the word “intervals” without a “not doing” next to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the blog post I dream of.

    and BIG BOY oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

  2. TBC Steve

    Sunday 7:00am at the clubhouse for the mtb ride to FI..depart then?