Thursday and Friday– MTB leaving 8am from clubhouse.


8am I leave. 8:05 you are late and we are gone. Punctuality is a virtue.


Saturday- A team 7:15 Old Man with extra Shoot Out or Big Boy 7:30am

B+C  team- 7:30am Sharp leaving clubhouse.


Sharp leaving times for these please. Other group rides wait for no one, so we can all practice with our friends.


Sunday–Will be a crazy adventure. Please if you know that you are coming, please post and let me so that I may plan. I am assuming many parents want to come and I hope so. So please let me know.


Sunday’s ride– 24 Hour mountain bike course


A team- Two options. Get to the course early ride 3-4 laps, or ride to the start and ride 1-2 laps.


B+C Team– If time allows and I hope it does. 2 laps


I would like to camp with my family Saturday night into Sunday, so I am hoping that enough parents want to come that transportation is easy.


Please post if you are coming to ride on Sunday.


Thanks and let’s get ready to have a kick butt year!!

3 Responses to “The rest of the Week”

  1. mosespapa

    Yes, the Clan Geddes (Mose, Kira, Mike, Ellis) will be at the 24-hr course (Willow Springs Ranch) late morning Sunday, ready to ride!