Hey everyone. I hope that everyone had a  great Christmas and/or Holiday season. I am hoping that everyone wished for a great, fun season to come and for all goals to be met.


Remember that goals are met when no one is looking. Goals are met in the early morning, in the late evening, on rainy days, and on cold ones. It’s easy to train in the good weather, with the sun, and race. Yet being strong enough to achieve goals happens when you put in the work that everyone else is scared of.


To that end let us  all support each other in our quest to achieve what we only dream about. We will need the support of everyone one our teammates, so let us give each other the gift of courage.


Tomorrow A team I would love it if you could meet at the  clubhouse at one and to leave at just about one as well. Then cruise and ride the Loop as recovery and warm up. This should take an hour and half. Then get to O2 at 2:30 pm so that you can get prepared and help set up for the HIT class. The new try out ladies are going to be attending the class as well so I hope that you are all the best role models their are.


I have had a great time here in Mexico with Christians family and we are excited to come home.

One Response to “Wednesday December 26th”

  1. Mary Adkisson

    Connor has a family event with cousins who are only in town for a few more days. He will do a ride on his own and then do the 5:30 HIT class at O2.