First off WHAT A WEEKEND!! I am so proud of our team and how we raced. We were awesome this weekend. I will tell the story at practice, but all that really matters is that everyone raced with pride!


This week is another VO2 max week. We again will be on the trainers for Tuesday and Wednesday and these should be all out crazy intense sessions. Time and place for these will also be the same as last week. I know that finals are this week, so study well, and plan smart so as to not have to miss.

Also, Wednesday: Parent meeting regarding tuition and 2013 calendar & Holiday Social. El Grupo will provide food – please plan on attending. Riders – there is LOTS of time before practice to get studying done – Use it wisely, please!!

Thursday we will ride for the hour and a half at an endurance pace.


The weekend:


Saturday: A+B Shoot out, C team ride


Sunday: A team – Kitt Peak w/ support; B & C mountain biking

5 Responses to “Week of December 17th”

  1. TBC Steve

    Too much going on Thursday afternoon for me to attend practice, but hoping to come Tuesday for trainer intervals…

  2. Ben Duncan

    The parent meeting. Is it just for parents or are riders wanted to attend as well? Also, the shootout on Saturday. I assume the “A-team” is doing the big boy, but just making sure. Thanks!

  3. daniela

    The meeting is open to all – but most important that parents are there. If you need to study elsewhere, that would be fine.

  4. TBC Steve

    The winter break schedule handed out tonite has MTB fun ride for Friday-what time and where? Sounds groovy..