This is the 3rd week in our training block. That means it is the hardest when we are most tired. This is the week that we want to make great in our training, as it provides the biggest pay off after a week of rest. Please everyone do what you need to do to stay healthy and caught up in school, so you may have a great week.


3 weeks on, stair stepping. So week 3 is harder than week 2, and week 2 is harder than week 1. Then a week of recovery. That is the basic flow for our training plan. This is week 3 so make it count.


Tuesday– A team  5x 10 min LT intervals. Your choice of location.  4pm start sharp

B team 3-5 10 min LT intervals. At Starr Pass.


Tuesday after practice go to the Playground for our team presentation. You should be able to leave at 6:30pm. This is mandatory. If you have too much homework and can only make one, please priorities this.


Wednesday– A team 5 x 10 min LT intervals. Fixed loop with uphill extra to make it work.


Thursday– All will head to the U of A crit course to practice one more time.

A Team 4 pm start. Sharp

B team 4;30 pm start, sharp.


Saturday– U of A crit race. I will put more info up soon about this.

Note: All A– Team members will be riding both the 4’s race and the junior race.



Other than the really loud guy, this is a good video. Note: I am not as loud any more, mostly.


5 Responses to “Big Week–The week of January 28th”

  1. Ben Duncan

    Sounds good. And just to let ya’ll know, the 4’s race has some very expensive primes (3/$175)…

  2. Liz H

    There is no mention of C team. Should we just assume normal tues, wed, thurs practice or are they taking the week off?

  3. daniela

    I think Ignacio meant B team to mean all others than A team. Yes, it is a regular practice week. So if you consider yourself on the “C” team, you can think of yourself as B team this week and plan on working hard! Next week will be a rest week for sure!