January 19th– Leo, Connor, Matthews, and Kyle. Go ride the Old Man Shoot Out. It starts at 7:15am sharp. You are all welcome to meet at my house to have the team action going on. Have fun out there and represent.


B+C Squad. No ride. However if you can go out and ride GREAT!!


Sunday 20th– Mandatory Team Event.


Meet at the clubhouse at 11:30am. Old school team members please bring an extra team jersey if you have one. A new one would be best.


We are then going to be at Armory park at Noon.


I want us all to at least have the jersey on. If you want to have full kit that is fine. However I think just jersey is enough.


We want a great presence at the start of the event. Once it gets going we can just hang out.


The start and us looking good is super critical. So please everyone wear your new team jersey and bring an extra for a new team member. We want to look good.

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